About the ESC

Into its 30th year, ESC has a long and storied history. This long journey has seen us change a lot, however we are still driven by the aims set in the first ESC. 

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The humble roots of ESC lie in the reunification of Germany, wherein it provided an opportunity for students of eastern and western Germany to interact at a common place. Starting off as a small gathering of research focused medical students, wherein they could exchange information about the projects they were working on.

During the 2000s, ESC evolved into the huge event that it is currently: keynotes, workshops, social program. At the same time our highlight event, ESC-Contest - the scientific poster presentation competition, has also evolved. ESC-Contest now draws on to expertise of about 60 Charité doctors.

At the same time generous support from <Verein Freunde und Förder der Charite> has enabled for prizes worth 5000€ to be distributed among the ESC Contest winners. Furthermore, Charite-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, one of the largest hospitals in Europe, enables a very broad range of workshops to be offered at the ESC. Ranging from advanced life support (ALS) to designing your own therapy for Hemophilia.

Not just acedemics, ESC also offers a broad range of social activities, some focused on rich german culture, others navigating the Berlin nightlife. Regardless, interaction and exchange remain at the heart of our activites, enriching our participant's time in Berlin. 

All in all, ESC is a must visit event for students, who want a blick into the research being carried out by their colleagues, medical students around the world. It promises to be 4 fun-filled days, something that you don't want to miss. 

Getting in Touch

Dear Visitor, feel free to get in touch with out team by sending an e-mail. Please do provide us with your participant number in the subject line for a quick reply. The same team also answers your queries over facebook, so it's fine if you use either of the platform. We try and provide at least a preliminary reply in the first 48 hours. If it takes slightly longer, please be patient, we are finding the relevant information for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.